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Keeping the Studio!

So much has been happening with The Art Boat this summer, that I’ve neglected to keep up with my blog. Isn’t that  always the way?  Just when I have oodles to write about, I don’t have time to write it.

One of the best bits of the this summer is the fact that after months of indecision about whether to keep the studio at Goyt Mill in Marple,  I have come to the conclusion that I would be silly not to.  As soon as the decision was made, it was like the fog was lifted from my brain and I have such plans!  Isn’t it funny how big decisions can effect absolutely everything you do and as soon as your road is clear everything becomes so much easier.

A knock on effect of keeping the studio is that I now have a place to run the workshops I have been thinking about.  I’ll be keeping these to small groups of 3-5 people.  The first one will be an introduction to creative acrylics  and will take place on Saturday 19th October.  All materials and free lunch provided.  Just get in touch through my contact form for more details and how to sign up (link at bottom)

Another exciting event is that I am taking part in a London Art Fair.  Roy’s Art Fair will be held at the Truman Bewery on Brick Lane.  A first for me and a big step.  I’ve met the organisers and some of the other artists  and I’m so looking forward to it.  I’ll add a link at the bottom for free ticket details.

I’ve been working on some new pieces to take to Roy’s Art Fair.  Canal Bridge Holes are an absolute fascination of mine and provide an endless source of inspiration.  The framing  provided by the structure of the bridge makes the scene viewed seem like another world. These are photos of the works in progress but  I’ll share the finished paintings soon!

Meanwhile, I’m still travelling, and have my last couple of canal festivals to do from the boat this year before heading back to the studio for more land-based things.  Just follow the “Events” link to find out where I will be next.

I promise not to leave it so long next time!

Jan x

Roy’s Art Fair-Tickets

The Art Boat – events

Contact The Art Boat

Keeping up with TheArtBoat 2018

On my way…

Where has the winter gone?  I am really happy to see the unfurling leaves, hear the birds sing, and the last two days have been pure boating joy with the sun really making its presence known, but (only a little but)… just one more month of preparation time wouldn’t have gone amiss!  I’m all caught up now though, and another Spring and Summer season of travelling and trading is underway for TheArtBoat 2018.

The first floating market of the year at Market Haywood was a great start to the season,  and the lovely people who came to see and support the floating traders were not deterred by the rain and copious amounts of mud.  The Art Boat is presently on its way to the RCTA Floating Market at Berkhamsted, with a couple of stops for a “PopUp” art gallery on route.  This is the schedule so far, (Please note that any PopUps are dependant upon available space and weather).

          April, Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd.   Stoke Bruerne, PopUp

         April, Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th.  The Globe, PopUp

        May, Saturday 5th-Monday 7th.  Berkhamsted, RCTA Floating Market

        May, Saturday 12th-Sunday13th.  Apsley, Hemel Hempstead, PopUp

       May, Saturday 19th-Sunday 20th.  Rickmansworth, Festival

       May, Saturday 26th-Monday 28th.   Boxmoor, Festival/Floating Market (Awaiting confirmation)

       June, Saturday 23rd-Sunday 24th.  Braunston, Festival/Guild of Waterway Artists exhibition

       July, Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd.  Cosgrove, Festival,

       July 27th-November 4th.  Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, Guild of Waterway Artists Exhibition

       July, Saturday 28th.  Linslade, Festival

       August, Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th.  Blisworth, Festival

       August, Saturday 25th-Sunday 26th.  Milton Keynes, RCTA Floating Market (Awaiting confirmation)

More events and Popups will be added as I go

Brand New Paintings

Although the Art Boat hasn’t travelled very far over the past couple of weeks, lots of business has been going on inside and I have two new paintings that are travelling with me.  They will be displayed for the first time at Stoke Bruerne this weekend.


Looking forward to catching up with you somewhere on the cut.

Until next time…Jan

Main photograph by Robert Clement-Evans

The Art Boat in April…The first few weeks

Making Plans for The Art Tour.

Getting ready to leave on the Art Boat  seemed to take for ever, so I can’t believe that we are already 4 weeks into the Art Tour.  This is the art boat’s first year of having to work out it’s own itinerary .  Last year we were totally spoilt by being part of the artists on the canal tour organised by Magda and Berth on Wanderlust.  Although it has taken a while to work out a do-able tour (Some of the festivals I wanted to do would have involved The Art Boat growing wings in order to get there in time!) it has been fun trying to decide where to go.  Some festivals I would have liked to attend were booked up before we got chance, and others just fell into our laps.  Now is the best bit…actually doing it.

So Far

So Far I have managed to experience a lovely family funday at Buxworth,  a solo pop-up, and two pop ups with other traders, the first time with a Pirate  (…Aaar)  and a HomeBrew Boat (…aar..hic!…aaar), and the second time with The Oat Cake Boat and  Flavours afloat  (yummmmm).  I have managed to put my brand new shelter up and take it  down on my own. (easy peasy),  and had the heavens kindly provide the usual  variety of April weather in order to help test the shelter. And,  I am pleased to say Barry, it is holding up magnificently.  On land I have had work  hanging in Audlem Mill as part of the Guild of Waterways Artists exhibition.

The Draw

The draw to mark my new website and online shop took place on 1st of April. I was really pleased with the amount of people that subscribed to The Art Boat blog and entered. Tony Binns was the winner, and chose a hand finished print of View through a Bridge as his prize. You can see the video of the draw HERE.  I have just sent out emails with  the discount coupons to those that subscribed in March , so  if that’s you,  keep an eye on your inbox.

View through Bridge

And Coming up…

For the next few weeks you will find the Art boat at:

April 23-24 Great Haywood

April 29th -May 2nd  Alvecote Floating Market

May 7th-8th  Stoke Bruerne

May 14th-15th  Apsley

May 21st-22nd  Rickmansworth Canal Fastival

Later in the year I will be at:  Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival in June….REALLY looking forward to that one, and you will be able to see me alongside other artists in The Guild of waterways Artists tent at Braunston, (also in June)


I am hoping to see quite a few of you soon.  We are covering quite a few miles this year, so it figures that at some point we won’t be too far away.  You have no excuse, come and say hello!

Until next time…Jan x


Floating Market - The Art Boat

Keeping up with The Art Boat

The Art Boat Floating Market Itinerary

An exciting schedule planned this year for The Art Boats Floating Gallery/Shop.  Quite a few festivals and RCTA Markets included as well as two exhibitions with the Guild Of Waterways Artists.  Audlem mill Easter exhibition (which you still have time to visit as it is on until the 9th April) and I will also be joining the rest of the Guild in the tent at Braunston in June. Pop-ups will be added to the schedule as I go along.  I have added the ones for April.

I have already had a fabulous start to the tour with Buxworth Gala.  Despite the weather a great weekend was had,  proving that us Northerners won’t be put off by a bit of rain…though come to think of it there were a few Southerners there too!

                   Sunday 13th March – Saturday 9th April   Guild of Waterways Artists Easter Exhibition, Audlem Mill

                   Saturday March 26 – Sunday  March 27     Buxworth Community Gala.

                   Saturday April 2nd – Sunday April 3rd   POP-UP  Bollington Aquaduct

                   Saturday 9th April – Sunday 10th April   POP-UP  Higher Poynton

                   Saturday 16th April – Sunday 17th April   POP-UP  Westport Lake, Trent and Mersey

                   Saturday 23rd April – Sunday 24th April   POP-UP  Great Haywood, Trent and Mersey

                   Friday  29th April – Monday 2nd May   Alvecote Floating Market.

                   Saturday  7th May-Sunday 8th May  POP-UP Stoke Bruerne

                   Saturday 14th May – Sunday 15th May  POP-UP Apsley

                  Saturday 21st May – Sunday 22nd May    Rickmansworth Canal  Festival.

                   Friday 10th June – Sunday 12th June    RCTA Floating Market, Gt Haywood.

                    Friday 17th June – Sunday 19th June   Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival

                   Saturday 25th June – Sunday 26th June   The Guild of Waterways Artists Summer Exhibition at Braunston Canal Festival

                    Friday 1st July – Sunday 3rd July     Chester RCTA Floating Market, City rd moorings

                    Saturday 13th August – Sunday 14th August     Blisworth Canal Festival

                    Friday 26th August – Monday 29th August   Merry Hill  Floating RCTA Market

                    Friday 2nd September – Sunday 4th September   Stourport  Floating RCTA Market

                    Saturday 17th September – Sunday 18th September   Tipton Canal Festival

                  Friday  23rd September – Sunday 25th September   Birmingham RCTA Floating Market


Don’t forget I will be updating this blogpost as I go along to add extra events and Pop-ups So keep checking in.  You can also look out for Monthly schedules on my Facebook Page

Print Competition

Win A Hand Finished Print

It’s that time again!  Another chance to win one of my Hand finished Prints.  I marked the end of the Artists on The Canals tour last year with a prize draw for one of my Hand finished Prints and the response was excellent.  This time I am marking the beginning of The Art Boat tour 2016.   The last competition was run from my facebook page, but this time I want to show off my brand new website and blog,  so the prize draw will be run from here.

What is a Hand finished Print?

The prints are all taken from images of  Jan Vallance original paintings.

NOT JUST A PRINT.   Printed on real cotton canvas, the canvas print has gold and other highlights added by hand using artist quality acrylic paints. It is then finished with varnish to protect.  Each print measures 7½ ” x 7½ ” and is supplied in a 12″ mount.  This prize draw is for one print only

How do I enter the prize draw?

It is very easy to be in with a chance to win:

  1.    Subscribe to my blog during March and you will automatically be entered.   Don’t forget to….
  2.    Comment on this post, and include the number of which print you would like.  The available  prints  are all shown on the accompanying picture at the top of this post and are numbered 1 to 6

How and When  will the winner be announced?

The competition will close at midnight on March 31st, and the winner will be announced on Friday April 1st.  I am hoping to be able to video the draw again as that was very popular last time.

There will only be one winner,  but everyone who subscribes in March  will be sent a code for 15% off ANYTHING in the shop.   You can find out more about my prints in The Art Boat Shop