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Keeping up with TheArtBoat 2018

On my way…

Where has the winter gone?  I am really happy to see the unfurling leaves, hear the birds sing, and the last two days have been pure boating joy with the sun really making its presence known, but (only a little but)… just one more month of preparation time wouldn’t have gone amiss!  I’m all caught up now though, and another Spring and Summer season of travelling and trading is underway for TheArtBoat 2018.

The first floating market of the year at Market Haywood was a great start to the season,  and the lovely people who came to see and support the floating traders were not deterred by the rain and copious amounts of mud.  The Art Boat is presently on its way to the RCTA Floating Market at Berkhamsted, with a couple of stops for a “PopUp” art gallery on route.  This is the schedule so far, (Please note that any PopUps are dependant upon available space and weather).

          April, Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd.   Stoke Bruerne, PopUp

         April, Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th.  The Globe, PopUp

        May, Saturday 5th-Monday 7th.  Berkhamsted, RCTA Floating Market

        May, Saturday 12th-Sunday13th.  Apsley, Hemel Hempstead, PopUp

       May, Saturday 19th-Sunday 20th.  Rickmansworth, Festival

       May, Saturday 26th-Monday 28th.   Boxmoor, Festival/Floating Market (Awaiting confirmation)

       June, Saturday 23rd-Sunday 24th.  Braunston, Festival/Guild of Waterway Artists exhibition

       July, Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd.  Cosgrove, Festival,

       July 27th-November 4th.  Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, Guild of Waterway Artists Exhibition

       July, Saturday 28th.  Linslade, Festival

       August, Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th.  Blisworth, Festival

       August, Saturday 25th-Sunday 26th.  Milton Keynes, RCTA Floating Market (Awaiting confirmation)

More events and Popups will be added as I go

Brand New Paintings

Although the Art Boat hasn’t travelled very far over the past couple of weeks, lots of business has been going on inside and I have two new paintings that are travelling with me.  They will be displayed for the first time at Stoke Bruerne this weekend.


Looking forward to catching up with you somewhere on the cut.

Until next time…Jan

Main photograph by Robert Clement-Evans