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…And Moving Forward

A review of sorts.

It has been a strange two years. But I feel it is important to celebrate those things have been achieved.  I ended 2021 thinking that I had let it run away from me and not managed to do very much.
I have started things and not finished them.  I lost my painting mojo.  I had to let my studio go and financially I have hit rock bottom.
But, when I started to look at the things that I have done and where I am going next, I realised there have been a lot of positives, and potential for moving on.

That’s that bit done!  Now for the good bits.

So what did happen for me in the last 2 years?

  1. I started an online painting class/membership. I didn’t manage to keep it going as family circumstances intervened, but I gave it a go. I learned lots of new stuff and made some teaching videos, which I was really happy with. I will be making the lessons I recorded available on YouTube.  Please let me know if are interested as I will make a note to send you a link as soon as it is sorted.

  2. I have painted more then I realised, and produced some of my favourite paintings.

  3. I have, with my sisters help, fitted a calorifier, built a new bathroom, made roofboxes for my solar panels, had solar power added, sanded and repainted the roof and rebuilt the sofa in my sitting room. Not strictly art related, but important as my boat where I live and work has to be functional and liveable.  I have also started to rejig the saloon to make more studio space, so that I can fit more paintings and materials in.

  4. And best of all…I got a Lilydog!

Lots more positives I am sure but these are the ones that stand out

So what’s coming up?

  The Art Boat will be touring again this year, from late March to early October.  Where exactly, still isn’t decided, but it’s likely to be centred around the North West.  My travelling motto this year is “less miles more painting”

  Lots more small format paintings of 8 inches and under, including “minis”

  Improving my website and making it a pleasurable place to go to see my work if you can’t make it in person.

  Making time for friends and family, because there is nothing more important.

I hope to that I get to meet many of you over the next year,  as I’ve missed you all.  Look out for The Art Boat on a canal near you!

Bye for now…I promise not to leave it so long next time

Jan x

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