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I Love Teaching…who’d have guessed?

After quite a gap (not going to say how many years!) I’ve rediscovered my passion for teaching.  I must admit I originally decided to start running workshops for quite practical reasons.  I needed to find a way of making my studio space financially viable.  I have a studio space ideal for small workshops, and it seem a shame not to use it.  What I didn’t foresee was how much I would really enjoy the teaching process.  Sharing with students the knowledge I have built up over the years is incredibly rewarding, and I think I will gain as much as my students from the workshops.  Seeing the excitement in student’s faces as they discover the magic of Acrylic paints is priceless.

The Joy of Teaching remembered

Many years ago when I lived in Chester I used to teach Leisure Art  classes through West Cheshire College.  When I moved, somehow the teaching got lost and over the years it’s been remembered as something that someone did in another life.  Doing my first workshop brought it all back.  I really had forgotten the joy of teaching. The difference between now and then though is the size of the classes.  Keeping my workshops to a maximum of five students means I can give everyone the attention they need.

Like Coming Home.

I have painted in Acrylics for more than 20 years, and I’m still just as in love with the medium as I was in those early days when I first found it.  For me it was like coming home…  I knew from the very first tentative paintings that this was my way forward.  It seems only natural, now I have actually started teaching again, that passing on this knowledge and enthusiasm for such a versatile paint is part of my future.   I would love to help make Acrylic painting part of your future too…

If you  or someone you know would love to learn to paint in Acrylics,  my workshops are ideal.  You can ask for or give them as a Christmas gift…

You can book the Saturday full day Introduction to Creative Acrylics workshops here  (Nov 16th has only 2 places left)

I have more workshops coming up in 2020, including a 10 week course on Acrylic painting, starting on Wednesday 8th January.  I am incredibly excited about this new workshop, it’s packed with exciting painting excercises, and moves between exploration and step by step painting. The main focus for “Amazing Acrylics”,  as in my other workshops,  will be on discovery through doing.  Groups are small and limited to a maximum of five.  The Workshop consists of a weekly 3 hour workshop.  You can choose between a morning or evening session.    There will be an earlybird rate for those that book early.  Contact me for more details


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  1. Jan says:

    Hi Geraldine, It would be really lovely to see you on one of my courses. I’ll drop you an email with some more details of what is coming up.
    Jan x

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