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TheArt Boat in 2017…What a Year

A year of Single-handing.

I’ll say it again…What a year!   This year has brought many challenges, the biggest of which was single handing Tonka for the majority of the 6 months of TheArtBoat tour.   I often single hand but not usually for so long a period and with so many time pressures.  Festivals and Markets won’t wait for you to get there and although my planning is getting better, I had originally planned the route with two crew in mind.  Unfortunately my partner had injuries that meant he couldn’t be with me for the travelling this year and this meant I was thrown in at the deep end.

But you know what?   It was fantastic!  I loved almost every minute of it, and although I was sorry that Barry couldn’t join me, the feeling of accomplishment was great.  I may even get used to tunnels in time!

Tunnel…the boat behind.

All Shelved up.

Thanks to Barry, The Art Boat has now got shelves along the whole of it’s length.  This means that all of the space under the awning can now be filled with paintings,  prints and cards.  I love it when Tonka is dressed up as The Art Boat.

The Art Boat Shelves

Almost famous!

This year The Art Boat managed to be featured in a couple of online articles.  One of these was on the  Canal and River Trust   site.

I was really surprised as, being the numpty I am I hadn’t realised I was actually being interviewed.  I thought I was being asked if I would like to be interviewed in the future.  I chatted away not feeling under any pressure,  oblivious to the fact it was a real interview!

I musn’t forget to mention Kev Maslin.  A  brilliant photographer and responsible for the photo at the beginning of this post.  You can see more of his wonderful  work  here.

Thank you to all my Customers!

So many paintings this year have left me to be rehomed.  I am feeling overwhelmed that I am finally able to say with conviction that this is my full time living.   I am an artist surviving by my brush    (I have been saying it for a while but not really believing it).   A wholehearted thank you to all my customers.  Whether you have bought a painting, print  or a fridge magnet you have all helped to get me to this place.

Sold 2017
Selection of sold paintings


The next few months will be  mostly about getting more painting done, ready for the beginning of TheArtBoat 2018  tour…Bring it on!

Until next time!   Thank you so much for your support … Jan x