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About Jan vallance

The Art Boat Artist …Jan Vallance.

It is complete chaos here on The Art Boat.  I am getting ready for the long summer, painting, making a new workspace.  keeping up with woodblock orders and finishing my website,  I can’t believe it is now only a week until the first gala at Buxworth basin.  I have been working on an “about” page, for the Website, and thought it might be a good idea to blog it for some feedback.  Please have a read and then let me know what you think so far?  I don’t want it to be too long, but hope I have included enough information without boring the socks off people!

Display, The Art Boat
Jan vallance art work on display

All about The Artist Jan Vallance.  In her own words…

I have been painting and selling my art since 2005. In the winter I work from a studio in Vernon Mill, an old mill in Stockport housing the studios of over 50 artists. The studio gets bitterly cold, so I often work from a makeshift studio in my mum’s loft. But the Spring and Summer is my favourite time. This is when I work from home.  Home is a narrowboat, and from late March to the beginning of October it becomes The Art Boat, my home, studio and floating gallery. I travel the canal system, popping up at floating markets, festivals, and sometimes just on my own.
Limited space means that smaller paintings are more practical to work on and this is where my miniature pieces are ideal. This year’s series are all waterways based and are painted under the loose title “Mini Mondays”. My work isn’t limited to miniatures though, I paint larger pieces too.

Inspiration and Method

I am inspired by my surroundings, and like to work on projects that explore different aspects of a subject. I live and work on the canals and they are the primary influence on my current paintings.
I work with layers. The paint and it’s application is all important. I apply paint quickly, filling the canvas and then start exploring…. printing, scraping, doodling. The image comes later. Sometimes I work with the subject, other times against it. I love paint – exploring it’s possibilities.

Previous exhibitions and events:

Last year (2015),  I took part in the Artists on the Canals tour,  organised by the inimitable Magda and Berth on Wanderlust .  Three “Art Boats” travelling together and popping up along the canals. Exhibitions at the Queens park Arts centre in Aylesbury, The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead and The Cha Cafe in Cassiobury park, were also part of the tour.

Open Exhibitions:

Stockport, Derbyshire and Macclesfield.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Vernon Mill Artists at Stockport Art Gallery.

Portico Library, Manchester .

“Love across the ocean”  Chicago


Marple Library,

Stockport Art Gallery.

Jan Vallance studied art at Chester University. You can find her at TheArtBoat.co.uk


  1. Gill says:

    I feel as if I know you even more now, I found the bit of how you start a painting really interesting, have a brilliant summer, catch up somewhere!! X

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Gill….It’s great to know I am not on my own! I am positive we will catch up. I am out and about quite a lot this year, and covering quite a large area, so it will be bad luck if we don’t.

  2. Brenda Bradley says:

    Will definitely try and get to see you this summer. Love your art work and absolutely love the lifestyle! Good luck with the blog, looks great xxx

    • Jan says:

      Brilliant…I hope you do Brenda, it would be really lovely to see you. I am at Buxworth Easter weekend and then heading down south for a while. x

  3. Sharron Watson says:

    Well that’s answered a few questions I’ve had rattling round my head. I was curious to know if you’ve studied art somewhere and where you get your inspiration. So that was great to know. I also loved the description of your painting technique , I found that particularly interesting.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I too hope to see you around this year ……on the other hand that’ll mean I’ll be parting with more money!

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