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Curious Black Cat- Aceo woodblock


“Curious Black Cat” Aceo  canvas print on a woodblock.   2 ½ ” x 3 ½ “. (6.35cm x 8.9cm).  The depth is a little more than 3/4 ” (21mm)


“Curious Black Cat”

A print of an Aceo painting.  A while ago I was working on a series starring my black cat Daisy.   She was a great explorer, and would often appear unexpectedly from behind corners.   The print is in the ACEO format. 2½ ” x 3½ “. (6.35cm x 8.9cm)The depth is a little more than ¾ ” (21mm)

NOT JUST A PRINT. Printed on real canvas, and mounted on a stained woodblock. The print has gold and other highlights added by hand using artist quality acrylic paints. It is then finished with two coats of carefully mixed matt and gloss varnish to protect and give a low sheen finish

The block is stained, signed and varnished on the back which is left plain so that you can decide how you want to display it. They are suitable for freestanding on the mantle-piece or coffee table. You can attach a picture hanger and hang on it’s own or in a group, use as a paperweight or make into a magnet.

ACEO….. Art Cards Editions and Originals – are miniature works of art, measuring only 2½ x 3½ inches. Aceos are extremely collectible and provide a wonderfully inexpensive and affordable way to purchase an original or limited edition piece of work. Type ACEO into the search bar to find lots of other ACEO artists lurking on Etsy.

I retain copyright on all my works.