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Heron Waiting, Original Painting


Heron Waiting.
Countdown Painting 5

8″ x 8″ standard edged (.75″) canvas painted with Artist quality acrylics.

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Countdown Painting 5. “Heron Waiting”  8″ x 8″  Standard (.75″) edged  canvas painted with Artist quality acrylic.

They stand so still.  Along the edge of the canal I often see herons.  Waiting until the very last moment, and then as my boat gets nearly level they fly off to a point ahead  As I approach the new spot the game is repeated .

To celebrate the VMA open studios 2017, I painted 10 small 8″ x 8″ paintings and numbered them from 10 down to 1 as a countdown to the event.

It is varnished for protection with a low sheen varnish.

The paint on this picture is built up in layers. It includes gold paint and my trademark swirls. Unfortunately the gold doesn’t show up very well in the photos. The paint is carried on down the sides of the canvas so you can get away without framing,  but all of these little canvasases can look amazing in the right frame..